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        Weve done all the research by comparing and reviewing
        the top air fryers so you dont have to.


        Best-Rated Air Fryers

        Here are the Top Air Fryers Ranked, in Order:

        Cosori 5.8 QT1700w5.8 qt.Digital2-year
        GoWise USA Air Fryer Oven 1600w12.7 qt.Digital1-year
        The Ninja Foodi1400w6.5 qt.Digital1-year
        Cuisinart TOA-601800w18 qt.Manual3-year
        Philips XL HD9240/942100w4 qt.Digital2-year

        See How We Review and Rate Air Fryers

        Most Trusted Air Fryer Brands

        Cosori Has the best the best line of products that focuses quality and function.
        See best Cosori here

        Ninja Makers of the Ninja Foodi that combines pressure cooking and air frying all in one pot.
        See best Ninja here

        Instant Pot Need we say more? Best known for creating the Instant Pot
        See best Instant Pot here

        Cuisinart Flagship product is a premium full size toaster with built-in air fryer function.
        See best Cuisinart here

        GoWise USA Most popular air fryer maker. They offer a wide selection of models and known for their value for the money.
        See best GoWISE USA here

        Dash Makers of the best compact air fryers that comes in an assortment of hip colors.
        See best Dash here

        Philips Inventors of the first air fryer based on basket type design. Known for the highest quality cookers.
        See best Philips here

        Reviews by Cooking Capacity & Size

        Best Small Capacity Air Fryers

        You already know that air fryers make it easier to cook healthy food. If youre in the market for an air cooker, its important to know exactly what to look…

        Best Large Capacity Air Fryers

        When it comes to cooking for a crowd, bigger is better. You may love preparing crispy snacks in your air fryer, but you dont want to spend all evening filling…

        See What Sizes Air Fryers Come In

        What You Need To Know Before Reading Air Fryer Reviews

        What is Air Frying?

        Air frying is a cooking techniquestimulate frying foods by circulating hot air rather than submerging into large amounts of oil. Air fryers are considered a healthier alternative to deep fryers to prepare fried food for consumption.

        How Does a Air Fryer Work?

        Air fryers work due to the Maillard reaction, a scientific principle which refers to what we usually call browning.

        Air fryers simulate frying foods using this method, and also bake and roast just like a convection oven, which is a special type of oven that blasts hot air evenly throughout the cooking space.

        How Much Do Air Fryers Cost?

        Prices for air fryers range from just under $60 to nearly $400, depending on the brand name and size of the fryer you want. Some manufacturers offer special deals, provide coupons, or have sales on their models.

        Why Buy an Air Fryer?

        Health Benefits

        It can significantly reduce your overall calorieintake(up to 35% less calories).

        An air fryer isnt just for cooking unhealthy fried foods. Its also great for grilling, roasting and baking.

        Quicker Meals

        It cooks much faster than a traditional oven (up to 25% less time).

        Just place your food in the basket set the timer, set the temperature and voila!

        Easy Cleanup

        You dont have to deal with storing and reusing oil as with a deep fryer.

        The drawer and basket can be easily removed from the air fryer for a quick wash or tossed in the dishwasher.



        • Steak
        • Rotisserie Chicken
        • Chicken Wings
        • Chicken Tenders(Kid-Approved)
        • Fries(Kid-Approved)


        • Meats
        • Fish
        • Vegetables
        • Frozen Foods
        • Desserts


        Because of the simplicity, versatility, and ease of use, many air fryer owners use the device every day. If you enjoy cooking at home and do so often, you too will find opportunities you use your air fryer during the preparation of every meal.

        Not only can you cook your entree in the air fryer, but you can use it for prepping ingredients, reheating leftovers, or making yourself a little snack.

        See More Air Frying How To’s and Tips


        Before you decide to purchase air fryer, there is a number of options you might want to consider. They include:

        Brand Namesof Air Fryer manufacturers that have established themselves with top quality products, at reasonable prices, with good reviews from people who are using these appliances. While Phillips air fryers are the leading models available for home cooking, there are lots of product reviews available online.

        Size and Food Capacitycan range from a small model with 1.8 to 2.5 pounds of capacity up to much larger models with 16 quarts or more of capacity and a number of accessories for various cooking and baking conveniences. Smaller air fryers are intended for smaller amounts of food or snacks while the larger models can cook enough food for larger groups of people.

        Temperature controlsthat you manage will allow you to modify the cooking time from a slow process to a faster finish.

        Wattagerequirements can vary from 800 to 1400 watts depending on the model that you select. Be sure that your kitchen outlets will support the wattage that you will need.

        Good maintenanceof your air fryer will keep the model working for a long time and remove any food and oils left in the bottom of the unit. See if your air fryer needs to be hand washed or if some parts can be placed in a dish-washer.

        Product warrantyis an important consideration. Never buy an air fryer unless it has a product warranty. Nothing is more frustrating than spending good money for an air fryer that may be faulty and there is no manufacturer warranty.

        An Owners Manualcan be very helpful. See if the air fryer comes with an Owners Manual, or if you need to go online for operational instructions.

        Replacement partscan save you the time and money of needing to replace your air fryer is one or more elements wear out. Find out if you can purchase replacement parts for your air fryer, if you need to have an appliance repair person service the unit, or if you need to buy a new unit when a part wears out or malfunctions.

        See Air Fryer Buying Guide Here

        Latest User Reviews


        We used this item for different 3 meals using instructions and recipes included. What a disaster!
        Don't Buy
        It was a gift, going into the trash.




        Fish, Fries,etc...

        GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven

        Cuisinart TOA-60

        Bake should be renamed '"burn". Since the fan works continuously when you bake something (anything) it will burn on top before it cooks in the middle. I have tried things from cookies to casseroles and get the same results.




        I use this appliance mostly for baking and much prefer my Cuisinart toaster oven. Fortunately, I saved it until I decided if this was equal. Unfortunately, I am returning it in the morning.

        Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

        Farberware 3.20 fair fryer

        I purchased this for my husband in December for Christmas and it already broke last week. I cant seem to get anyone to help me with a free replacement.





        Farberware Air Fryers

        My New Favorite Appliance

        I have only had my Gourmia 6Qt Model GAF-658 Air Fryer for less than a week, but I already find myself thinking of what I can cook next. I love my air fryer!!!




        Chicken Tenders
        Turkey Burgers and Fries
        Uncured Turkey Bacon

        Gourmia Air Fryers

        loved until the handle broke off

        This is my first air fryer and I love it. I use it practically every day. The only complaint I have is that the handle broke off so it makes it hard to pull the pan out while cooking.




        Chicken, I love reheating foods that can use a crisp.

        Dash Air Fryers


        Played with times and temps, sprayed with Pam. Have to turn as only browns on one side. Fries and chicken strips dry even though i did usual breading including egg, flour and panko and seasoned well. I think that only frozen foods are satisfactory in the fryer.





        Dash Air Fryers

        Too hot

        I wanted just a small oven. I had another Cuisinart toaster oven where all the markings wore out and it was hard to program. With this one - TOA-60 you have to stay right there because the temperature gauge is not accurate and things cook way too fast. I wanted an oven not something that worked like a frying pan.




        None yet.

        Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

        More Product Reviews

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